Tuesday Tea: The Fireflies by Max Bolliger

“It’s time now for me to fly out and light up the world, isn’t it?”

-spoken by Prosper in The Fireflies by Max Bolliger, the basis for the Czech film, Broucci.

My library finally received a copy of the Czech children’s story, The Fireflies by Max Bolliger with illustrations by Jiri Trnka.  The book was the basis for the Czech puppet film, Broucci, that I wrote about in an earlier post. If my readers recall, I was quite enchanted with the puppets in the film that I saw at an exhibition at the Strahov Monastery during our trip to Prague last November.  Well, I have finally been able to read the story in English, and it is as charming as the puppets themselves.

The story is about a young firefly named Prosper, who wishes desperately to grow up.  To his amazement, Prosper falls asleep during his first winter and wakes up in the spring a fully-grown firefly.  He is excited to go out and light up the world, and is given a special lantern by his grandmother that used to be his grandfather’s.  With it, he is ready to light up the world.  I love the line spoken by his father when Prosper is out lighting the night sky for the first time and notices just how many fireflies there are–

“Every firefly is needed.  Each has a place that he must light.”

It really makes me think of how every person on our planet has gifts that he/she must share with the world, and it is when we stray away from our gifts that problems arise.  Remembering that we all have ways to “light up the world”–  unique talents, gifts, and skills that make each of us special– is important and something that we should all teach our children, whether or not we are teachers and/or parents.  Children need to know that they are special and important in the world and talented in their own way.

This reminds me also of how children are unique in the ways that they learn, too!

Now for the tea to go with our Czech children’s story– Ah, a nice afternoon tea in Prague should do the trick!  How about having a cuppa at the Dobra Cajovna?

Prague location

Prague location (What a cozy spot for tea!)

I didn’t get a chance to visit this chain of tearooms, but I did find out about it on our LAST day in the Czech Republic while waiting for the bus back to Prague from Cesky Krumlov.  A friendly young couple sat waiting for the bus with my family and me and mentioned that they were from Burlington, Vermont and had been sent by the Dobra Tearoom over there to work in Prague.  Now that I see what the tearoom looks like, I really wish we had been able to go there!  Look at all the tasty goodies on the counter at the Cesky Krumlov location! (I love the tile as well)

Cesky Krumlov location

The American Dobra Tea website (there are two locations in Burlington, Vermont and Madison, Wisconsin) carries a “Memories of Prague” tea which of course would work perfectly for this book.  I would think they would have it at their Czech locations, as it is their specialty, but I’m not certain.  But for our tea, it is the perfect choice for this week’s book!

Happy Reading!


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