Tuesday Tea (on Wednesday): A Visitor for Bear

I apologize for having missed my Tuesday Teas for a couple of weeks, and now I am a day late in posting!  But, this book is so adorable that I can’t wait until next Tuesday to talk about it, so I am doing a Tuesday Tea on Wednesday.

My book for today is A Visitor for Bear, a picture book by Bonny Becker and illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton.  The book begins with quite a grumpy bear, who is trying to go about, “the business of making his breakfast” when he keeps coming across a mouse, “small and gray and bright-eyed.”  The mouse appears in the most unexpected of places– a cupboard, a bread drawer, the fridge, and of course, a teakettle.  All the mouse seems to want is a spot of tea, a warm fire, and some companionship, but the bear will have none of it.  He wants his privacy, and does not want his routine interrupted.  The mouse is so endearing (And so persistent, a bit like my own children!) that the bear finally gives in and has the mouse stay for a spot of tea and breakfast by the fire.  The mouse’s company warms over Bear, and Bear finally doesn’t want the mouse to leave.

I love the repetition in this book as well as the old-fashioned illustrations (bear using a cupboard, a cast-iron stove, claw foot tub, etc…) and the lighter color palette.  It is a favorite with my two sons, and I plan on sharing it soon with my preschoolers.

The book screams for tea, as it plays an important part in the plot.  I think a nice English Breakfast blend from the Black Bear Tea Company should do the trick.

Here is a picture from the interior of the Black Bear Tea Company shop, the perfect place for this story's tea choice

And of course I must not forget our teapot and tea cup.  This one fits the story since it is for only one person.

But then again, the story is about creating new friendships, so really, there should be a table set for two.  This set should do much better, since it is for more than one person, and it is an antique tin set, which is fitting for the illustrations.

Happy Reading!


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