Ten Things I Am Thinking About Right Now (Inspired by Another Blog)


It has been a long time since I have blogged, due to a tremendous amount of preschool teaching, applying for new teaching jobs overseas (more on that in a future post), family obligations, sleep deprivation, vacation, house cleaning, and everything else you can think of as an excuse.  But I need to get back into my writing world, so after reading children’s editor Molly O’Neill’s post about Ten Things I am Thinking About Right Now, I thought that I would do the same with this post to get me back into my blog.  So here we go.


Ten Things I Am Thinking About Right Now:


1.  Possibly moving to Europe in the late summer with my family for a minimum of three years.

2.  How beautiful my house is decorated for Christmas, and how much I will miss it if we move away for a while.

3.  How to “secretly” Christmas shop with a two-year-old and a five-year-old in the store with you.

4.  Whether it will snow for Christmas, and if not, how to find time to visit the snow in the mountains and go sledding like we did at Thanksgiving (So fun!)

5.  How much my two boys have grown this year, and how it really does all “go by so fast!”

6.  How cute my two-year-old looks running around saving the day  in his “super cape.”

7.  How much I want to WRITE more and how to carve out more time during the week to do that.

8.  How much I want to READ more and how to carve out more time during the week to do that.

9.  How good scrambled eggs with ham and cheddar cheese smells cooking on the stovetop first thing in the morning.

10. How blessed I am to have such a wonderful family.


I know not every item is a revelation or even that interesting to another reader, but at least the list did get me back to my blog, which I have been neglecting.      My writing goals for 2011 are coming in a January post, so there will be more about keeping up with my blog soon!



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