Back in The Blogging Saddle Again

It has been too long since I’ve posted.  And what are my excuses?

Serusier, Paul  - La Grammaire  - 1892

1.  Lots of writing!

I started a new writing regime a few months back in February where I try not to go more than two days without writing.  Besides a respite when on vacation visiting family in California for ten days in June and a couple of three day sprees, I have been pretty good with my schedule.  But it has led me to eventually neglect my blog here.

Also, back in May I went to my regional SCBWI Oregon conference and heard Emily Whitman (Radiant Darkness and Wildwing) speak.  She was very inspiring to me (as well as I LOVED Wildwing) and gave some fantastic advice that I have been following for my WIP.  Emily talked about a method that helped her when writing her books– write out a list of forty or more “scenes” that you can imagine which may or may not end up in the final book. Do this quickly, without thinking, like a free writing exercise. Then, choose one that speaks to you (could be anywhere in the story) and write it out. After you’ve written most of the scenes, put them together like a puzzle and see what works, what doesn’t, and fill in the gaps. I’m writing my WIP in this fashion now and I never feel stuck!

2.  Vacation in California in June

(see above)

3.  Summer sun!

When you live in the Pacific Northwest, the sun is like a god that MUST be worshipped when it shows itself.  This has led to more books being read outside, though.

4.  Lots of extra reading of YA historical and fantasy novels

(see above)

4.  Viva

I have done some posting on my critique group’s new group blog at Viva Scriva: On Critique and the Writing Process.  Check it out!

And finally…


5.  Bad colds descend upon family in June

It stinks to get sick when summer is starting, especially when it spreads from me to my husband and my two boys.  Ugh.

But now…

Picasso, Pablo  - Reading at a table   - 1934

It’s time to buckle down and get blogging again, so here I go…


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