Day Six in Belgium- Part Two

(I apologize for the delay, but I have been working a lot of my WIP this week and last week.  Huzzah!)

And now… on to the Ommegang Pageant!

First, I was able to enjoy the tastes of the 1500s inside the ruins of Coudenberg Palace.

Cantelope with walnuts and pistachios

Sage sausage, fish in a gelatin-type of mixture, meat pie

sausage and cinnamon with cauliflower

wine infused with violets

good hearty bread

Loved the sweetmeats and marchpane!

Many in authentic dress walked among us during dinner

Check out these shoes!

Here is Phillip II , Charles V’s son and the heir to the empire!

It’s His Majesty, Charles V himself!

Walking from Coudenberg Palace to the Grand Place for the pageant

The beginning was like a Bruegel painting come to life.


The wide dais in the back held all of the nobility and the royal family, many played by descendants of the actual people.

I realize now that most of what I have of the pageant is actually on video, so I don’t have many pictures of it!  I’m going to try and get some of the videos on youtube and see if I can link to them here on my blog, so hopefully there will be more of it for you to see soon.

The pageant was an amazing and awe-inspiring experience! Seeing over a thousand people in costume, the horses and carriages and splendor, the pomp of the nobility– I really felt like I was living in the 1500s.   I will never forget it.  🙂


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